Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How to Change your Hosts File In Windows 7 For Warez-BB

Warez-BB quite often  a few times a year Goes Down for a few  hours, not because of Server Down Time, But because of a DNS update. To ensure you'll still able to Connect Follow these Simple Steps.

Step 1. Click on The Windows Start Icon

2. Type notepad into the search bar

3. Right Click on Note Pad, add Click Run As Administrator. Click Yes,

4. Once you have Notepad open, Click on File, Then Choose Open.

5. Now you need to Go the the location C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc.

6. Now Click the drop Down menu that says "Text Documents (*.txt)" And Choose All Files.

7. Now the hosts file will show up. Click on Hosts, then Choose Open.

8. When the hosts File is Open Down the bottom you need to add the following two lines

9.  Now Click on File, Then Click Save (DO NOT CLICK SAVE AS),

Now Close notepad, Open your web browser and if you've followed everything Correctly Waarez-BB will Work.

(IF it asks to name the file, its most likely a read only file then. You need to locate the file from Windows Explorer @ C:Windows\system32\drivers\etc. Right click the hosts file, and untick read only.)